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Experienced Coaching

Our staff has a combined experience of over 20 years in the industry. Trust us to take the utmost care of your athletes at all times.

Tested Programs

Our training programs have stood the test of time and helped to reduce injuries as well as increase athletic performance for years.

A Winning Enviroment

At FASST, we strive to get the most out of each and every athlete. Not just in the sense of physical performance but also in their everyday lives.


The Future

Our entry level program is built around body awareness and proper movement patterns. We want to show your athlete how to run, jump, land, squat, press and pull properly. This program will help with creating long term correct mechanics for overall athleticism.

Next Up

Our 2nd level adds to the initial stages athletic development and begins to layer on top of that. We introduce some traditional strength training concepts and begin to address more explosive power & speed work. This program is a great transitional program between our beginner and High School programs.

High School

Our High School Program is the best way to make the most out of your high school sports and in preparation for college. We continue to build on our same training philosophies and increase strength, explosive power and speed. Athletes in this program will start to go into more plyometrics and we will introduce more advanced lifts.


Our College Program is ran similarly to a College strength & conditioning program. Here we cover all of the bases to make sure our athletes are getting the most out of their bodies. Athletes will work on more advanced movements such as but not limited to unilateral lifts, anti-rotational patterns, advanced speed & agility work, and advanced plyometrics. This program will also put a big emphasis on proper recovery work to help sustain the longer training sessions.

What Coaches Say

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Kim Hykey / Head Coach Lyndhurst HS Girls Soccer

My team has been training at FASST since the summer of 2013. The first purpose was to get ready for preseason; but once the girls saw the results on the field, they got a group together on their own to train in the winter as well to continue their development even further. After their sessions at FASST, the results are obvious. My girls are quicker and stronger and have better running form and technique. More importantly, our injuries have significantly decreased since we started this training. The girls are fit, so their bodies are ready once I get them for preseason. We now have minimal quad and hamstring injuries, if any, and I get to focus on technique rather than fitness. I don't believe it is a coincidence that we have been more and more successful on the field each year as more and more girls train at FASST. Our program has grown to another level over the last 4 years. The girls are stronger, faster, and more disciplined. I firmly believe we wouldn't have made the strides we have without FASST.


Ariana Ruela / Head Coach Rutgers Newark Womens Soccer

I have had the opportunity to work with FASST for the last 3 years now. During that time I became really impressed with their passion and enthusiasm for strength and conditioning, more importantly the attention to small details with each athlete that comes through the program is exceptional. It became obvious that their coaching would be a great addition to our staff with Ryan now serving as our strength & conditioning Coach. Ryan, Paul and their staff possess every quality you'd want in great coaches. They are intuitive, motivational, demanding, passionate, disciplined, and determined in improving each athlete's performance. They have shown great dedication to training our athletes while using advanced techniques in the field to promote performance enhancement. We are beyond lucky to have such a committed and caring coach as part of our staff and we recommend highly recommend FASST and their training.


Dennis Hulse / Head Coach St. Mary High School Baseball

A lot of our success as a baseball program is due to working with FASST in the off-season, and most importantly in-season. Our baseball players need to maintain their strength, speed, and agility during our long season. They also need to properly recover from sheer volume of play. The staff at FASST knows exactly what kind of workout we need for each specific day. Our entire program thanks FASST!


Scot Weaver / Head Coach QP Wrestling & QP Football

What an awesome opportunity to have such a committed, sport- specific training facility in our local community. The coaches are loyal and dedicated to our local athletes. Reasonably priced and very professional, you will not find any better. Coaches Ryan and Paul have dedicated their lives to bettering our sons, daughters, and athletes. My kids value their word and mentoring, and that to me means a lot. .

Expert Trainers

The primary goal of Team FASST Strength and Conditioning Program is to produce highly skilled athletes through designing and administering structured programs, which improve athletic performance and reduce the occurrence of athletic injuries. Each program is designed for sport specific training to achieve peak physical performance. Methods used include strength, stretching, conditioning, and plyometric exercises. The staff develops training programs based on physical evaluations in order to bring about desired results. Factors such as body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance are taken into consideration. F.A.S.S.T athletes will benefit from a comprehensive and individualized strength and conditioning program designed to ensure the highest level of athletic performance. The F.A.S.S.T Strength and Conditioning Program challenges our athletes in the aspects of Leadership, Work Ethic, Winning Attitude, Attendance and the Ability to Follow Instructions. Through these principals we will help develop discipline ,and motivated leaders of the future.

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